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We offer a host of products and services.


We will gladly talk with you about your goals and desires to compound your interests. We are willing to help you in many ways from properly establishing the right investment platform to assessing individual project opportunities. Talking about what you want to achieve will get the ball rolling in that direction.


When you have specific interests in mind, we will support your research and due diligence efforts through our networks to discover and discern fact finding to help make sound investment decisions. It takes time and efforts to hunt, gather and analyze data, facts, intel and other information. It is one of our strengths and abilities to lever your investment platform.

Wall Street Worthy Finance Models, Customizations, Templates, Excel Files and Other Reports

We can custom-build any and all corporate finance model and investment consideration report types to prove bank-ability using fair, reasonable and equitable assumptions.

Our library of data includes but is not limited to decades of simple to complex finance models, databases, spreadsheets, templates, reports, intellectual properties and otherwise that will lay foundations for wise decision-making and investment considerations.

Use the Contact page to start communications. In order to purchase full data spreadsheets such as the “2021 Africa Oil & Gas Companies” Excel database, we use PayPal, the payment options below and/or Stripe.

2021 Africa Oil & Gas Companies

The “2021 Africa Oil & Gas Companies” Excel spreadsheet is a database of excellent information that will help energy interested investors learn the high and some ground level details of the African oil and gas industry. With proof of payment and contacting us, we will gladly unlock the file for your use.


Other Core Competencies: Financial Business and Risk Analysis, Management Support and Advisory

  • Corporate valuations by way of discounted cash flows and comparable metrics incorporating the art and science of value investing;
  • Executive communications and amalgamator of facts to discern programs, projects and management priorities;
  • Provide corporate team support by tracking key metrics for the business while story telling using all data sets;
  • Collaborate across multiple divisions to assist in financial planning process to set accurate monthly, quarterly, and annual budgets, forecasts, revenue and expense targets;
  • Generate and provide key performance indicators (KPI’s) dashboards;
  • Discover, determine and engage revenue drivers, as well as expense reduction methods; and
  • Ad hoc business administration assignments and a host of other skills.


To perform research, development, business and financial risk analytics to support corporate planning decisions. Use analysis skills and generalist knowledge. Discover and drive new ways of using facts, details, data and information to impact business decisions toward optimal results. Lead cross-functional projects and programs. Develop, establish and provide analytical feedback with business solutions proposals on new and existing opportunities in order to generate growth and compounded value of the company. Maximize returns on investments for all stakeholders. Provide strategic high-level commitment to significantly contribute to top-line revenues, expense reduction and bottom-line earnings.

  • +15 years of business and financial risk planning analysis experience  
  • Working knowledge of accounting and finance with experience applying principles to develop costing and forecasting models 
  • Solved complex issues with executive managers and corporate owners to positively influence management decisions toward increased top-line and bottom-line results
  • Able to independently accomplish results with self-motivation and direction
  • Conceived, developed, implemented and achieved success in large-scale programs
  • Performed to excellence in high-paced, often changing professional environment 
  • Experience writing business requirement documents (BRD’s)
Risk mitigation Credit analysisHigh financeValue investing
Turnaround expertiseEntrepreneurshipExecutive advisoryValuations
Corporate developmentCollaborative negotiationsWorking with multiple stakeholdersMaximize returns on investment
Strategic analysisCommunicationsMS Office (Excel)Data story telling


Fund management and shareholder activism employing value-investing principles to purchase mispriced securities. Managed historic Wall Street US Trustee “Equity Committee” as 5% owner of Tronox, Inc. (NYSE:TROX), a US-based top global producer and marketer of titanium dioxide pigment with sales in excess of US $1.5 billion and in partnership with South African firm, Exxaro (JSE:EXX), in Australian joint-venture, Ti-West.

  • Gained annual returns: +54% 2009, +49% 2010, +6.4% 2011, +16% 2012, +133% 2013 and +1371% Tronox (special) – majority of the companies were distressed turnarounds
  • Valued publicly traded securities through discounted cash flows, relative valuation and other methodologies
  • Risk mitigation analytics by using SAS and MS Excel
  • Financial consultancy for small, medium and large enterprises 
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