Sasol is Great

Sasol is one of the most creative companies in the world with regard to international energy and chemical products and services. Which other company takes coal and converts it into petrol and diesel?

Sasol for a while had in the United Arab Emirates (U. A. E.) region a joint-venture with Chevron on a large energy project. In recent years Sasol started the development of a Louisiana, U. S. A.-based operation.

What can hold a candle to Sasol’s South African burning flame in Sasolburg, Secunda and other locations, such as Rosebank head offices? It is a crown jewel for the republic helping build and maintain the nation.

Sasol’s coal to energy production is cleverly engineered beyond compare. When the world relied on oil and gas, South Africa turned to its wealth in coal. Rich in coal, South Africa produces diesel, petrol and energy.

Diversifying beyond energy products, Sasol has a wide array of product lines. Specialty chemicals are a part of its make. The variety of products are listed on the company’s site:

Albeit South Africa’s domestic economy buys much of its products, Sasol does sell across borders. Sasol well manages and serves its home-base first and far beyond. Pricing is marked at international rates.

Sasol’s stock was beaten down due to problems with costs and cash constraints in Louisiana coupled with political unrest, pandemic circumstances and questionable management decisions made in South Africa.

The underlying intrinsic value of Sasol’s stock remained in parallel to its prior glory days. In recent days the stock price has gradually and then significantly rebounded in part due to global energy demand.

Sasol is a company worthy of following. Buying on a dip in the stock price and indefinitely holding the shares could be to anyone’s advantage. Keep eyes on Sasol. When the stock price drops, it may be a worthy buy.

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