Creativity is paramount. Whether a child creatively imagining a new game or an adult developing a new product, creativity is important to keep us alive and progressing.

When I saw this image embedded in an article on Coca-Cola, I immediately resonated. I like Coca-Cola. I love coffee.

This product line piqued my interests. I look forward to the day I can taste and see the beverage. It is fascinating how creatively people can generate value in simple ways by adding basic ingredients.

Coca-Cola is one of the largest companies in the world with a wide array of products. Is it undervalued? With innovation like adding coffee in the mix and population growth, there is an argument toward great intrinsic value.

Corporate value depends on more than understanding and analyzing financial statements. Valuing a company must be accomplished with a holistic approach in understanding numerous data points, insights, trends and other information.

Being creative in securities analysis and corporate valuations is key to comprehensively understanding underlying value.

Keep your thinking cap well fastened to your head when considering the value of any company and next creative steps in unlocking it.

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